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We are updating our "Concert Email" list. So, whether you have been on our past list or not if you want to receive emails

 (or even texts if you want) concerning our upcoming concerts please click on the following link:

We will not send you a bunch of junk! Just info about the HAMILTON LIFE CENTER Concerts!

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Welcome to the Hamilton Life Center!

The Hamilton Life Center is a premiere venue for concerts and events in Northeastern Indiana. Located in Hamilton, Indiana, we bring in several up-and-coming artists as well as many who are well established in their profession. We also offer building rental services when concerts are not scheduled; The Life Center is a great location for wedding and graduation receptions, reunions, sports events or any large get together! Concert tickets are $8 at the door only

Click on the CONCERT & EVENTS tab above to discover what great artists are coming to the Hamilton Life Center for the 2022 Concert Season or the RENTALS tab for more info on how you can rent the Hamilton Life Center for your next event!

Our mission is to provide a safe environment in a Christian setting for spiritual, physical, and community growth through activities, events, and recreation designed to strengthen families and promote deeper relationships.

2022 Concert Line-up

April 9th - Tribute Quartet/His Instrument

May 14th - Three Bridges/HLC Band

June 11th - The Martins/Tehillah

July 9th - The Guardians/Bryan & Yvonne Hutson

July 30th - Down East Boys/HLC Band

Aug. 20th - Master's Voice/HLC Band

Sept. 10th - The Littles/Tehillah

Oct.15th - Avenue/HLC Band